Alternative Assets, now for your clients

UI mockup of multiple assets, their fundraising progress, and an order form made available to investors who plan to commit or buy

Seamlessly integrate with our fully digital Distributor Portal, and expand your product offerings with a diverse range of high-quality assets sourced from renowned global managers.

Expand your Offerings

Strengthen client relationships and drive additional revenue with innovative investment products.

Built for Scalability

Effortlessly scale to match your business growth, without needing additional resources or infrastructure.

Natively Digital

Reduce costs through automation, and streamlining asset management and transactions.

Reporting and Analytics

Adhere to the latest regulatory standards, ensuring compliance in all investment activities.
Illustration of a Distributor Portal UI showing a list of investments currently held for your clients, their issuers, and minimum commitment

Direct access, or through API

Our Distributor Portal offers two integration methods. Choose Direct Access with an intuitive interface featuring Nominee Omnibus/Segregated and Intermediated Named Account options. Or select API Integration for platform-to-platform communication, facilitating direct, flexible asset bookings on behalf of your clients.Both options provide tools for complete management and transparent investment tracking.
Illustration of a UI allowing distributors to review data & analytics, including: Total amounts invested, DU holders, Number of transactions

Unified reporting

With intuitive dashboard and reporting tools, effortlessly monitor client positions, your activities and income generated on the platform. This centralized resource ensures real-time insights and transparency into all your operational details, simplifying the management of client portfolios and streamlining your workflow.
Illustration of a workflow consisting of commit, withdraw, and the price history of an asset

Full operational control

Manage client portfolios with precision, handling real-time commitments and withdrawals, and tapping into secondary market liquidity to customize investment strategies. Adjust swiftly to market changes and empower your business with the autonomy and tools needed to navigate effectively in the dynamic investment landscape.

Built for Institutional-level Distribution

Fully Regulated

EVIDENT is fully licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong

Highest Security Standards

Built on secure blockchain technology by Algorand, and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified

Professional Partnerships

With DBS, AOGB, Ben McQuhae&Co for Banking, Audit, and Legal respectively.

Everything you need to know

What API functionalities are available?

Our API offers comprehensive functionalities including portfolio management, transaction execution, withdrawals, and data retrieval.

Can I manage investments on behalf of multiple clients?

Yes, our portal is designed to enable you to manage investments for multiple clients efficiently, with tools tailored for bulk operations and individual client customization.

What types of assets are available on the EVIDENT Distribution Portal?

We offer a range of alternative assets, including funds, venture assets, infrastructure assets, and art pieces. Additional unique investment opportunities are added on a frequent basis.

Is the portal accessible internationally?

Our platform is designed for global access, catering to international clients and investment opportunities.

How is client confidentiality maintained on the portal?

We ensure client confidentiality through advanced encryption and strict data protection policies.

How does the portal assist in tax reporting and compliance?

EVIDENT offers an end-to-end solution through our vast network of partner, ranging from audit, to tax reporting, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Introducer partnership

Unlock the potential of your network to introduce EVIDENT's unique assets. Utilize your natural skills and influence to generate a revenue stream without the need for specialized infrastructure.