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Lasting change comes in small steps. It takes people like you joining a journey of shared beliefs and using capital to support impactful innovation.

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Impact is individual. It can be local, simple, unexpected. We scout positively different assets that go beyond an ESG score. Find yours.

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Proudly stand behind what is important to you by voting with your wallet. On Evident it is as easy as trading an NFT.

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The small actions of many deliver big change. We work to bring more capital to people who solve hard problems. Together, it’s possible.

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Investing can be both, for-profit and pro-value. Our mission is to break down the barriers so you can participate today.

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Benefit from what you already know: the greatest shareholder value comes from assets and companies in private or decentralized markets. Even more, we live in a world where a project's positive contribution to society directly correlates with its investment return potential. We look at hard problems like fighting climate change as an investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Private equity index = 10x
S&P 500 = 4x

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Are you mostly invested in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or managed funds? Take your own decisions. Use crypto or fiat currency to directly select and trade NFTs that represent real assets and alternatives on the Evident Market.

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Start small and invest widely. Become an investor in private markets and get access to exclusive purpose-driven assets usually reserved for larger institutional investors.

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Anything that changes the world started as an improbable idea. We discover impactful investing opportunities in unusual places and make them available for easy investment. Explore, invest, engage, and trade.

Climate Transition in the shipping industry

Fuji LNG cargo ship

Get exposure to a climate transition-aligned liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) vessel. Support the global climate transition and participate in the underlying asset and its income.

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Transition to a low-carbon economy

CCER Carbon Credits

Help fight climate change and benefit from the rising demand for high-integrity carbon credits. The growing momentum of global carbon markets accelerates the broader transition to a lower-carbon future.

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