Bring your Assets into the digital age

UI mockup of the price history of an asset, a market page, and pop-ups of multiple people having committed to an asset

Unlock a realm of new possibilities powered by tokenised security offerings for your Assets, through our Issuer Portal, covering all asset classes across various jurisdictions.

Global Reach

Fully digital offerings allow broader distribution to investors globally, at lower minimums.

Operational Efficiency

Automated digital processes make it easy and economical to launch and distribute new assets.

Enhanced Liquidity

Deeper investor pools and smaller fractions facilitate an active primary and secondary market.

Continuous Compliance

Increased transparency and code-enforced rules improve controls and lower compliance costs.
Illustration of a Issuer Portal UI showing a list of assets currently listed by you, their jurisdiction, and minimum commitment

Multi-jurisdictional SPV coverage

Set up Special Purpose Vehicles for your offerings across multiple jurisdictions from Europe to APAC, providing localization where it matters. Choose from a range of Digital Investment Structures with turnkey configurations to serve a diverse spectrum of investors, asset classes, and use cases, all benefiting from automated flexibility.
Illustration of an asset details page

Fully customisable asset profiles

Enhance your asset's appeal by utilizing our user-friendly tools to create compelling, detailed asset profiles that highlight its strengths and potential, from descriptions to dynamic visuals and updates. In the dedicated digital data room, securely share key investment information and documents, offering optional NDA access for heightened confidentiality.
Illustration of a workflow consisting of annual audit, tax & reporting, and the price history of an asset

End-to-end management & administration

Effortlessly manage your offerings with eKYC/eAML, legal structuring, fund administration, accounting, reporting, and transfer agent services—all integrated through our Issuer Portal. Our specialized partner network enhances audit and tax reporting, complemented by secure asset custody from our licensed custodian subsidiary.
Illustration of a UI allowing issuers to send update to investors, including: Fundraising results, LP shareholders, Annual revenue

Investor relations & intelligence

Gain data-driven insights into secondary market activity and volume, transactions, holdings, profiles, and history. Utilize analytics to understand your investor base, craft targeted communications, and build lasting relationships with investors.

Unleash the full potential of your Assets through EVIDENT’s digital investment structures

lower costs
investor reach
1 week
setup time

Starting at $3,800

Favourable Annual Structuring & Administration fee, depending on investment structure chosen
0% Capital introduction fee, if capital is brought onto EVIDENT by the Asset Issuer
Optionally test interest in your Asset, without upfront Structuring & Adminstration costs
Speak to our Sales Team to request a tailored quote for your project

Combining Traditional Securitization with Web3 and Tokenization

Infographic of multiple layers, from bottom to top: Blockchain, EVIDENT, Your Asset, Investors

Built on Blockchain

Secure, transparent ledger ensuring immutability and efficiency in asset issuance and management through Algorand

Enabled by Tokens

Digital representation of assets, facilitating liquidity, fractional ownership, and global accessibility

Embracing Web3

Leveraging decentralized technology for innovative investment opportunities, shared incentives, and enhanced user empowerment. DeFi-ready.

Everything you need to know

How is protection against hacking attacks and security of the platform guaranteed?

EVIDENT uses state-of-the-art security protocols and leverages the inherent security benefits of blockchain technology to safeguard against hacking attempts. The platform is consistently updated and monitored for potential security risks, ensuring that EVIDENT remains a secure environment for its users.

How does EVIDENT handle user funds, ensure their security, and guarantee their availability for withdrawal?

EVIDENT has a separate trust and custody company licensed with a TCSP license, ensuring a high level of security and protection for user funds. User funds are held in segregated accounts with EVIDENT’s banking partners; funds on the platform are always backed by these custody funds, ensuring their availability for withdrawal.

What are the ways that an asset owner or manager can fundraise on EVIDENT?

Fundraising on Evident can be done via a commitment campaign, where investors pledge their funds over a period of time, or via direct listing, where the tokenized asset is flexibly listed on the marketplace. Each approach has unique benefits: the commitment campaign efficiently pools funds, while direct listing provides flexibility and immediate access to the marketplace.

What is the process for an issuer to tokenize an asset and list it on EVIDENT?

EVIDENT performs due diligence on the asset to be tokenized and ensure the issuer's suitability. Evident then follows a process that includes structuring the investment, creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV), and tokenizing the SPV shares. Once the assets are tokenized, asset managers can choose to fundraise either via a commitment campaign or a direct listing on the Evident platform.

How does EVIDENT ensure the legal enforceability of investor rights in digital units of assets on the platform?

Legal enforceability is a central principle in EVIDENT’s operations; its hybrid approach, combining conventional SPV structures with blockchain technology, guarantees the enforceability of rights. The platform maintains an immutable, electronic record of ownership, providing transparency and legal certainty while ensuring disputes can be resolved through established legal pathways.

What types of assets can be tokenized on EVIDENT’s platform?

EVIDENT’s platform allows for a wide range of assets to be tokenized, enabling a broader audience to access and invest in previously illiquid or inaccessible assets. Depending on the nature of the asset, Evident employs different modes of tokenization; tangible assets are tokenized through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), while intangible assets are natively digitalized.