We're building the future of Alternative Assets investing

About us

At Evident, we believe that investing in causes that align with your values can make a significant impact on the world. Most investors miss out on these opportunities because they lack access to alternative assets like startups, renewable energy, art, or carbon credits.

EVIDENT makes it easy to discover and invest in alternative assets, almost like investing in stocks. Build a diversified portfolio with higher returns, greater resilience, and direct exposure to unique, impactful investments and the people behind them.

Through his investment experience in private markets, our Founder & CEO Florian Spiegl saw that the most interesting and impactful investments to make are in alternative assets, with direct exposure to alternatives being a great way to make investing both for-profit and pro-value.

The problem
"Impact investing is stuck in the last century. It’s still exclusive, inefficient and illiquid. We’re changing that."

At EVIDENT, we’re determined to reinvent impact investing and empower everyone to build their wealth with purpose. We contribute to positive change by helping more people invest in the things that matter to them. Individually and directly. Make a difference and make money.

Today EVIDENT is the first fully-integrated SFC licensed investment platform for alternative assets in Hong Kong. We empower investors to invest, trade, and manage RWA through tokenisation. EVIDENT serves asset issuers end-to-end by offering SPV structuring & legal services, audit & tax reporting services through our specialised partner network, and asset custody services through our TCSP licensed custodian subsidiary. Investors choose EVIDENT due to its high-quality and globally sourced assets, fully digital KYC, onboarding, and subscription processes, and our proprietary integrated secondary market.

EVIDENT’s vision is to contribute to positive change at scale by helping millions of people invest in the things that matter to them. This is not only about capital. It is also about building engaged and incentivized communities around a shared purpose.

Every founder should be able to build their vision of a Better Future, and every person should be able to directly support the companies and projects that create the next generation of impact and wealth.

Join us on the journey. Your impact will be EVIDENT.