EVIDENT Partners with PropCap to Tokenize Green Mortgages

EVIDENT and PropCap, backed by Cyberport, partner to tokenize green mortgages using Web 3, driving sustainable finance innovation.
Devanshee Kothari
Devanshee Kothari
Growth Analyst
October 30, 2023

Hong Kong startups EVIDENT and PropCap have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to tokenize real-world assets (RWA) of green property mortgages using Web 3 technology.

The collaboration combines EVIDENT’s expertise in asset tokenization with PropCap’s focus on innovative mortgage solutions, emphasizing sustainability. Together, they aim to drive the adoption of environmentally responsible finance practices.

This innovative partnership, backed by Cyberport, aims to transform the real estate lending landscape. It brings green mortgages onto the blockchain, marking a significant step in sustainable finance.

Cyberport community members, EVIDENT and PropCap, have formalized their collaboration through an MOU. This agreement focuses on tokenizing property mortgages, particularly sustainable housing loans, using Web 3 technology.

At EVIDENT, our expertise lies in asset tokenization on the blockchain. This enables us to transform traditional financial products into digital assets, thereby opening access to a broader spectrum of investment opportunities. This approach aligns with PropCap’s mission. They provide alternative mortgage solutions that ensure financial accessibility and flexibility, with a strong emphasis on promoting sustainability through green mortgages.

Together, the two startups plan to develop an efficient, transparent blockchain-based system. This system will tokenize green mortgages into fractionalized digital investment products, expanding access to sustainable real estate investment opportunities.

EVIDENT CEO Florian Spiegl comments, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to more inclusive, sustainable, and tech-forward capital markets. We work with leading issuers on each alternative assets vertical.” He adds, “It stands as an example of synergy, with EVIDENT supplying the tokenization and distribution framework. We are crafting a highly efficient digital fabric powered by blockchain that seamlessly links asset owners and issuers with investors.”

PropCap CEO Neo Cheung states, “We share a vision of a more inclusive, sustainable, and technologically advanced financial future. Together, we are poised to reshape the way people invest and finance property, making a positive impact on the world and the environment.”

The partnership aims to drive innovation in the mortgage sector by applying Web 3 technology to facilitate investment in sustainable housing loans. This aligns with the global movement towards expanding green finance options.

EVIDENT is grateful to Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, and Victor Yim, Head of FinTech at Cyberport, for supporting this collaboration between two startups under the Cyberport incubator program. Thanks to Neil Tan of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong for connecting the two parties.

The agreement marks an important milestone for EVIDENT as it pursues its mission of utilizing technology to reshape finance for a more sustainable future. This pioneering partnership with PropCap highlights the potential of blockchain solutions to combat climate change while democratizing access to purpose-driven investment opportunities.

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