How EVIDENT's Digital Securities Unlock Possibilities for Issuers

EVIDENT: Comprehensive digital securities services for issuers, from structuring to placement, streamlining processes.
Devanshee Kothari
Devanshee Kothari
Growth Analyst
March 18, 2024

The transition to digital securities represents a significant advancement in financial markets, introducing a new paradigm for issuers, investors, and regulators. EVIDENT's platform addresses these needs by offering comprehensive services designed to optimize the issuance, management, and trading of digital securities that ensure compliance, streamline operations, and enhance investor relations.


80% lower costs

10x investor reach

1 week setup time

Let’s understand HOW.

I] Full-Spectrum Administration Services

Structuring & Administration:

EVIDENT streamlines the creation of custom SPV structures, offering expedited setup of tailored structures The platform covers all aspects of fund administration, including accounting, NAV calculation, and admin. It ensures global compliance through streamlined audit processes, FATCA, and tax reporting, alongside efficient regulatory reporting for annual returns and filings.

II] Issuance & Placement

Advanced Tokenization: The platform's advanced tokenization features allow for the digitalization of single and multi-asset offerings, making them web3-ready. This process is pivotal for enhancing liquidity and accessibility, opening up new avenues for capital.

Transfer Agent Services: EVIDENT provides real-time digital securities transfer capabilities, ensuring seamless and compliant asset movements.

Secure Custody & Escrow: The adoption of licensed asset custody and escrow services mitigates risks, enhancing the security and integrity of transactions.

Dynamic Fundraising: Issuers can leverage broad investor outreach and sophisticated fundraising tools, facilitating effective capital-raising efforts.

Secondary Market Access: The platform incorporates a trading venue for secondary market activities, providing additional liquidity and investment opportunities.

III] Streamlined Processes

Asset Management Portal: An intuitive online interface allows for straightforward asset management, ensuring issuers can efficiently oversee their offerings.

Rapid KYC/AML Checks: Immediate online investor verification processes are in place to ensure compliance and security.

Seamless Transactions: The platform automates subscriptions and redemptions, streamlining investor interactions and financial movements.

Blockchain Security: Utilizing blockchain technology, EVIDENT guarantees immutable record-keeping, enhancing the credibility and reliability of digital securities.

IV] Investor Servicing

In-Depth Asset Profiles: Issuers can present comprehensive asset details, including pitches, data rooms, updates, and documentation, facilitating informed investment decisions.

Automated Asset Servicing: The platform simplifies investor distributions, streamlining the process of asset management and engagement.

Investor Engagement: Features such as voting and polls empower investors, fostering a dynamic and interactive relationship with issuers.

Market Intelligence: EVIDENT provides insights into investor activities and market trends, enabling issuers to adapt strategies and offerings effectively.

Digital Communication: Immediate updates and reporting keep investors informed, ensuring transparency and trust.


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EVIDENT represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of investment platforms, offering issuers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to simplify the investment process, enhance asset liquidity, and ensure compliance across jurisdictions.

By embracing the digitization of assets and the innovative potential of tokenization, EVIDENT is setting a new standard for investment platforms, providing issuers with the means to navigate the complexities of the global financial landscape with ease and confidence.

As the world of investment continues to evolve, EVIDENT stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital innovation, offering a pathway to the future of finance that is both secure and expansive.

For issuers seeking to leverage the potential of digital assets and connect with a global investor base, EVIDENT offers an unparalleled solution, marrying the reliability of traditional investment structures with the efficiency and flexibility of digital management.

We are continuously moving forward to meet the dynamic needs of issuers and investors alike. In the ever-changing world of finance, EVIDENT remains a constant, driving progress and innovation at every turn.

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