Purpose At Work

The Evident Purpose Investing Framework

We defined the Evident Purpose Investing Framework to ensure a fair and transparent assessment of assets on the platform and better track and communicate the impact we expect from them. Our team and trusted partners assess each asset along three proprietary dimensions: Impact Objectives, Change Categories and Assurance Process.

1. Impact Objectives

What is the positive impact?

Six impact objectives guide our asset curation.We assess impact holistically. Each selected asset not only has to contribute to one or more of these impact dimensions - they cannot do any significant harm on the remaining ones.

Assets listed on Evident help advance these impact objectives. Collectively they deliver what we call a ‘Better Future’.

01 • Sustainable Planet

To transition to a low-carbon, nature-positive and regenerative bio-economy, respecting the carrying capacity of our ecosystems.

02 • Equitable & Inclusive Society

To create equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone.

03 • Connected Communities

To enable diverse people to reconnect over shared purposes and common visions, and work towards building cohesive communities.

04 • Empowered Individuals

To support people exploring and realizing their potential through good health, mental wellbeing and access to education.

05 • Creative Expressions

To cultivate creativity and innovation, and to value and encourage artistic expression and preservation of culture and heritage.

06 • Bonus: Community Purpose

We are on a journey to create a better future together. This additional objective will be defined via community discussion and voting.

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2. Change Categories

How is impact delivered?

Three categories of how directly an asset brings positive change

Transition Assets

Assets that are increasing their positive impact and transitioning to a Better Future.

Sustainable Assets

Assets that meet the impact objectives of a Better Future.

Solution Assets

Assets that directly contribute innovative solutions to actively create a Better Future.

3. ASSURANCE process

What are the steps involved to check and support sustainable impact?

Five steps we follow to ensure quality of assets and a continued positive contribution while being listed on Evident.

We continuously fine tune this process and are working on establishing a Listing Committee with external advisors.

> Conduct impact due diligence

Impact information is collected from the Asset Owner at the digitalization stage to facilitate asset impact due diligence by Evident and its advisors.

> Amplify positive impact

There is always an opportunity to do more. Evident actively supports and provides access to advisors to integrate an impact dimension to the asset.

> Approve listing as Digital Units

Impact due diligence results, along with other assessment dimensions, are submitted to Evident’s Listing Committee for consideration and approval.

> Monitor impact management and measurement

Transparency supports good investment decisions. Evident and the Asset Owner agree on impact performance KPIs to be tracked and reported to Investors.

> Offer continuous access to partners and advice

Evident introduces partners for positive collaboration and offers Asset Owners access to impact advisors throughout the duration of listing.