for good

Innovation and action, not slogans

We look at positive impact as one of the greatest opportunities young companies have in today’s world. Long-term success is achieved by creating value for the entire spectrum of company stakeholders. It is not enough to discuss theories, use slogans or follow an ideological agenda. Real impact requires action and meaningful action requires capital.

We believe in putting capital to use to help projects deliver better futures, for companies to drive innovation, and to solve some of our most difficult challenges. For investors, this is where a positive impact and outsized returns coincide.

Evident breaks down barriers, lowers costs and provides liquidity for purposeful alternative assets. We apply the principles of web3 to achieve two outcomes.

1. More money, more change

We are witnessing a tectonic shift of capital towards impact assets, with sustainable investments now exceeding $4 trillion. This is just the beginning. By broadening access and participation, Evident aims to put more money in motion for more ideas to become reality and fuel a dynamic landscape of innovation.

2. Democratizing impact

While the commitment of large institutional investors to drive change is crucial to make a difference at scale, our mission requires us to go beyond that. Just as much as more capital is needed, we believe more voices should participate in this process to allocate funds to improbable and creative ideas.

Looking at the full spectrum of purpose

We believe positive investing needs to go beyond just an impact score or ESG metrics. Meaningful impact can be small, local, unexpected, and exist comfortably outside of typical financial market models.

This is why we defined the Evident Purpose Investing Framework to ensure a fair and transparent assessment of assets on the platform and better track and communicate the impact we expect from them.

The Evident Purpose Investing Framework (EPF) is defined along three dimensions: Impact Objectives, Change Categories and Assurance Process.

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