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Join our community to drive more capital to purposeful assets and get rewards with PRPS, the Evident platform token.

Invest, engage, govern, earn.

Building web3

We are establishing the leading open market for purposeful investments that enables our community to combine making a difference with making money. Our aim is to bring impactful assets into mainstream investing, attracting both crypto-native and traditional investors by offering the advantages of easy access, true ownership, digital scarcity and monetization capabilities.

The emergence of web3 introduces a new internet of value, owned and trusted by users and builders. Evident is a project to both contribute to web3, and leverage a new way of creating and sharing value to maximize positive impact.

Do it with PRPS

PRPS is a utility token designed to incentivize investors, citizens and organizations to participate and govern this new ecosystem, following the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

PRPS is an essential part of the Evident ecosystem and the Evident team is working on establishing the mechanics that ensure that the token is inherently linked to the Evident platform and its value. We intend to reduce platform take rates and share more of the upside with the Evident ecosystem over time. PRPS is the vehicle to achieve that.

Token benefits will include governance rights, fee discounts, staking, and a deflationary asset design supported by a fee capture model.

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Value first, tokens later

Evident launched as a centralized, traditionally funded project with a distributed team to build the foundations supporting a new way of investing in purposeful alternative assets. Getting our start right requires proper consideration of complex matters such as asset sourcing, technology, regulations, and legal structuring. We will make PRPS publicly available after we feel the basics are sound and value is created.

Post-launch, our aim is to continuously decentralize Evident and establish PRPS as the growth engine of the platform, powering a web3 economic system.

Fully doxxed

Anonymity is part of the genesis of blockchain and a central pillar of the value of crypto assets. However, as a team creating a new category in alternative investing, we believe you should be able to see the people who started the project and discuss with us if you think we can do better.

About us

Details and roadmap: engage today

PRPS is scheduled to be distributed in the second half of 2022, subject to Evident hitting key milestones. A prior private placement of PRPS will align with this timeline.

As we launch the platform in stages, early supporters and contributors are eligible to receive NFTs, airdrops and other perks. Get engaged! Your impact will be Evident.

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