Be The Change

Do you own or know of a powerful asset that drives positive change? Partner with Evident to make it investable and generate income.

Listing an asset on Evident means more

Delivering on our mission includes offering a better way for purposeful companies to raise capital and engage with their supporters. We want you to focus on building your business, generating positive change.

In it together: geT Asset Owner earnings

Our goal is to help you build a successful business because it grows the impact we will have collectively. This is why we share fee earnings with Asset Owners like you. Each transaction includes Asset Owner earnings, which means you will get paid every time your asset is traded on Evident.

Full service, low cost

Working with us goes far beyond raising capital and generating income: access our expertise in structuring, web3 strategies of community building and harnessing the creative possibilities of digital assets.

All in one place

Evident offers a one-stop approach: structuring, issuance, custody, trading, compliance, and investor community engagement.

Investor access extended

Go beyond your existing network. Evident unlocks a wider pool of investors who care about their impact.

Efficient, fast, and low cost

We invested heavily in robust and standardized processes and structures, so you don’t have to. Work with us to set up your asset quickly and significantly reduce the cost of raising capital.

web3 built-in

Go beyond an investor base, build a supporter base. Programmable Digital Units allow creative and secure new ways of engaging and incentivizing investors. Including DAO in a box.

Flexible—if you need it

Our structures and legal setup can be tailored to your needs and to fit your purpose.

Our friends are your friends

Your success brings us closer to reaching our vision. Evident acts as your partner to help discover use cases and new applications of your asset to maximize impact.

Beyond that, tap into our network of partners and experts in ESG use cases, community building, communication and legal matters. What connects us is the shared mission of making purposeful assets accessible to everyone.

Ready to explore a partnership?

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